Nicolás Ibáñez
Software engineer
Video game programmer
Projects overview

A pixel art, point & click, fantasy adventure game for PCs

Best Veggies
A funny puzzle game for Android, inspired by classic minesweeper

A mathematical brainteaser game for Android devices

Procedural 2D Sci-Fi Buildings
A 2D Sci-Fi city generator, made for testing fast prototyping and procedural generation

Therefore is a work in progress, being developed by five persons. I'm the only programmer in the team, so I'm in charge of all the game programming. It's being developed using Unity with C# language and the popular 2D Toolkit plugin. We're using FMOD Studio as audio engine.

In Therefore you assume the role of the Wanderer. Your mission is to save your world, called First Realm, from The Degradation, a mysterious being that is destroying everything in its path. Unfortunately, you don't even know that, since you have completely lost your memory and also your voice.

Therefore is a fantasy adventure game where classical point & click mechanics are mixed with some others more atypical in the genre: the player has freedom to explore the game world, solve the puzzles in any order and take different paths and choices which lead to different endings.

The passage of time is critical, time will pass from day to night in a natural way all over the world, regardless of where you are. Some puzzles can only be solved at certain moments of the day in the same way that some paths are just revealed at given hours. The same applies to different weather conditions that can appear during the gameplay: fog, rain, snow... You just have a complete day to finish the game, but you will find out that you own the ability to reset the day at will, so you will be able to retry some actions or test some other paths to finally accomplish your mission.

Sounds take a very important role as they are an active part in the gameplay. You can extract the essence of many game elements, such as scenery objects, characters, fauna and flora just listening to their sound within, and keep them in your essence inventory. Each essence is attached to a particular sound and can represent from fundamental elements like water, fire, wood, crystal.. to emotions like peace, love, hate, rage. Combining different essences you can forge more complex things to add to your object inventory. You will have to discover that recipes also using your hearing.

Visit Trim Tangle to get more info about Therefore

Best Veggies

Best Veggies is a funny puzzle game for Android mobile phones and tablets. It's done with Unity using C# programming language and Android SDK for some native integration. It uses Audiokinetic Wwise as sound engine. It takes the classical minesweeper mechanic to break it up into different steps to become more easy and suitable for modern casual game players.

I've been responsible for the game programming, from core mechanics to many other features that are very important and commonly used in modern professional mobile games such as:

  • In-App purchases.
  • Game analytics and metrics for tracking many gameplay events like purchases, resources/virtual currencies sources and sinks, levels progression, errors and other custom design events.
  • Powerful GUI editor for creating levels.
  • Multi-language game texts.
  • Local android native notifications.
  • Security features like Google play license checking and game data encryption.
  • Promotional codes management to give in-game rewards.

Best Veggies is free, you can get it on Google Play Store

Get it on Google Play

AddsOut is a mathematical puzzle game for Android devices. It was my first experience in game programming. It's done with Unity using C# programming language. It uses Audiokinetic Wwise as sound engine.

I've been responsible for the game programming, and I've been part of the game design.

AddsOut is free, you can get it on Google Play Store

Get it on Google Play
Procedural 2D Sci-Fi Buildings

This a tool that I did for testing fast prototyping and procedural generation. I used Love2D game engine, which uses Lua language for coding. I did it also for learning Lua, which is a very popular language in game programming. The tool generates random tile maps of buildings along a street with a sci-fi look. It can be configured with several parameters to modify the resulting buildings:

  • The length of the street.
  • Buildings minimum and maximum height.
  • Buildings minimum and maximum width.
  • Minimum and maximum separation between buildings.
  • List of allowed room sizes (list of NxM pairs).

You can download this tool here:


This zip contains source code and binaries for Windows and Linux

More about me
Work experience

Video Game Developer (November 2014 - today)

Currently working on project Therefore and learning about game programming and design.
Finished and published games:
Best Veggies: The smart farm
AddsOut: Mathematics Puzzle

Computer analyst and programmer at (Inditex) (September 2009 - November 2014)

Computer analyst and senior programmer in J2EE
Senior programmer in IBM Websphere Commerce V7

Web developer and systems administrator at Universidad Carlos III de Madrid (January 2002 – June 2008)

Web developer with PHP and J2EE (Tomcat, JSP, Hibernate)
Linux servers administration
Windows Server administration

Computer Engineering at Universidad Carlos III de Madrid (2000 - 2009)

Two specialties:
1) Enterprise Computer Systems
2) Artificial Inteligence
  • Game programming: Unity 3D, C#, LUA
  • Back-end: PHP, J2EE, Websphere, Tomcat, JSP, Web services, REST services, JAX-WS
  • DBs: MySQL, DB2, SQL, Hibernate
  • Front-end: HTML, CSS, JavaScript, JQuery, AngularJS
  • Operating Systems: Windows, Linux

Native spanish.
Intermediate-high english.


LinkedIn: Nicolás Ibáñez